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Walkthrough guide for the Naughty Classroom:

The acts of the bullies:
- shoot the vimpy schoolgirl in the middle of the class to make her cry while the honeybunny can't notice it.
- shoot the chalk on the right of the board, and the cockroach on the wall while the broad is attending to the crying girl or concentrated on something else.
- when the hottie reaches down to pick up the chalk, click her juicy breasts to throw the cockroach. You make her squirm and during all this fun you can for example click the frog in a jar. It brings more pleasure afterwards...
- any time her back is to the ventilator, click it to turn it on. She can't avoid the humiliation!
- shoot the banana peels on the trash can and throw the peels to the floor. Her embarrassment will be perfect!
- click the balls on the desk while her back is turned.
- while her back is turned, or she is strutting to the right, shoot the eraser off the board on the left.
- while she picks up the eraser click her tight butt. She will swallow the shame of the stimulating bullseye because it turns her on!
- when the chick desperately pretends to be a boss and says "what's all this noise ... " click the wind chimes on the ceiling. You can split her supertight miniskirt.

After all that has been done you should have "last shot" appear on the screen. when this happens, click the clock once to remove the glass cover and then again to make the bell ring. As the babe then gets close to the door, click the bucket above it constantly. You will own the buxom bitch completely and moreover get a photo of her soooo deserved humiliation!!!

High School Library walkthrough, secrets and cheats:

- remove headphone from the boy
- click on a chair and then again but a little beat below.
- make a quick photo

- click on Intercom on the wall and the Girl will go out
- click on the lizard near to the boy
- then put it on the Fan in the steeling
- when the Girl comes back click the switcher on the wall on the right side
- don’t forget to make a funny pic

- click on the Carpenter and the Girl will leave her place
- click on Alarm Clock on her table
- put it on the highest shelf above
- click on the fan which is near to her table
- nice photo is guaranteed

- click on the Girls outside the library
- click on red bottle, glue and blue bottle
- put them on the shelf above the window on the right
- open the bottles by clicking on them
- when the girl comes back take her diary from her table and choose the Office File there.
- when the librarian goes to the window click on the blonde girl on the left side
- then click on the gray mouse
- make a photo after little girl screams

- click on a Pen cover near to the student
- throw it into the window
- click on water bottle and then on trolley with books
- funny photgraphy is ready

- click on AC (condition) above the door
- click on Match Sick near to the window
- click on Fire button near to the door
- make a foto of wet girl

- click on the Key on a key board on the right side
- click on a white diary on the table
- when the shelf opens click the red diary then lense and personal diary secret will be shown
- click on the music player on the shelf above and choose Elvis Prestley song and click Low mute
- then click on medium level and on the room freshner near to the window on the right
- click the paper on the wall behind the fan and you will see the phone number
- click on red telephone on her table then click the banana on a rash bin and make music level High
- pick the last romantic photo

That’s all. Read our High School Library tips and I am sure that you will beat High School Library puzzle game without any problem. Enjoy playing many other Funny Games and have fun!

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